Term 3 – Nwsltr 3a – 8.30am and 2.30pm

Over the last few weeks our data has been showing an increasing number of students arriving late at school. We understand that there are some circumstances beyond your control but arriving on time avoids disruption to the classroom and sets children up with a good start for the day and in turn they learn good habits that continue on into adulthood.

Students who arrive after 8.30am must enter through the office, and will be asked for an explanation for their lateness.

The school day finishes at 2.30pm and students need to be collected from their classrooms at that time.  We know that traffic can be busy and sometimes there are emergencies, but if you are only running a few minutes late then the children can wait at their classroom for the parent/carer who is collecting them.  

There is also the option of our kiss’n’drive where students can be collected. As it sometimes takes five or ten minutes for the cars to filter through, parents do not seem too late. This option is always preferred by the school.

Our admin office is a very busy place at 2.30pm and does not have adequate space for students to wait to be collected