Student Wellbeing Survey, Sept 7th – 11th

This week students from years 3 – 6 will take part in an anonymous online survey to measure and monitor their general well-being. The 10 minute survey covers areas of mood, resilience, school engagement, communication, relaxation and positivity.
As our school continues to embark on School Improvement, and develop a Social and Emotional Program for all students, we will use this data to help us gauge our starting point. 
Proactively measuring and monitoring the well-being of students is considered important as students with high levels of well-being may be more motivated and display greater levels of engagement and academic achievement, compared to students with low well-being. Higher well-being may also be associated with fewer mental, emotional, and behavioural concerns.
Students are not required to put their names on their surveys, and the online data is initially only available initially to the Administration team. Data and relevant notes may be shared with the wider community as the Social and Emotional Program is developed.