Special Event report “Last week was book week” – by Student Leader Elena Mugaj

We started of by older kids reading to younger kids, we got bean bags and mats and put them outside the library in the sun. Each younger kid got to choose 3 books and the older kid read to them. Each class had a really fun time and enjoyed this activity.  

That was just the beginning of book week, we had a parade in the undercover area with music and amazing costumes from each class. Each class got the chance to walk around. I saw loads of Harry Potter characters, fairies, Willy Wonkers and ninjas. Each student dressed up got the chance to win a book from one of the P&C ladies. Congratulations to all the winners.

It was amazing to see everybody followed the theme of old words, new worlds and other worlds. All the kids enjoyed the book parade. Everyone enjoyed seeing amazing and well-made costumes. After all the kids walked around, Miss Brodie-Hall asked the people dressed up to come up for a photo according to what world they are from as in Old worlds, New worlds and Other worlds.

Kaila from our Little Monsters Cafe made amazing cookies, jelly cups, mini cupcakes and fruit kababs themed from some of well-known books like Cat in the Hat and Green Eggs and Ham.

I would like to say thankyou to Kaila for making amazing looking and delicious tasting snacks. I personally enjoyed the cookies and I am sure a lot of other kids would agree with me.