STEM & Circuit Breakers

Circuit Breakers

In 2017, East Waikiki Primary School was one of only 20 schools selected from across the state to participate in a special program run by Western Power called Circuit Breakers. Circuit Breakers is an exciting new engineering outreach program for our selected primary school students in Years 4 – 6.

The Program ran for 10 weeks in Term 3. This STEM-based program was instrumental in helping to develop knowledge and skills with a focus on electrical engineering using 3D printers amongst the 20 students selected to participate.

Ms. Deb Peters and Mrs. Wendy Kay coordinated the program for our school as an after-school activity held every Wednesday. Each school participating in the Program was assigned an electrical engineer from Western Power to advise our students in the project to be undertaken as well as how to effectively use the equipment donated to the school including two 3D Printers.

At the end of the ten-week Term 3 Program, our students were invited to present a workshop at Scitech in West Perth outlining what they have learned and to display a working model of community they designed and built using the school’s 3D printers showing how sustainable electricity was used to provide energy to their model communities. Two of our students also provided a student designed formal Power-Point presentation of what the students learned during the ten-week Program and what they achieved. 

Our students were also able to view the other schools’ models prior to our group of schools entering the Scitech Auditorium for our formal presentation as well as listen to the other schools’ respective presentations. After receiving our School Participation Award, the students enjoyed a pizza dinner and then had time to try out the many hands-on displays and activities at Scitech. This was an extremely successful Program and our school was recognised for the outstanding model and presentation given. Our involvement gave the impetus to look at how we could provide more learning opportunities for our senior students in STEM. 

STEM Program

We encourage and promote at our school: 

  • Computational Thinking
  • Critical Thinking
  • Creativity
  • Collaboration

The future of work will be centred-around people. This means the following four focus areas:

  • Collaborative: Bringing people together: Collaborate in better ways 
  • Intelligent: Living Smarter: Make the most of every moment with assistive intelligence
  • Natural: Friction-Free Creativity: Explore information
  • Build tools that are productive, intelligent and personal

Our journey with students in a digital world will be driven / powered by data. We will assess student performance and understanding and use this data to drive future teaching and learning planning and programming. Our learning environment will also best meet the needs of East Waikiki PS students.

Technology will play a major part in further developing our students. Please refer to our Technology Vision.

East Waikiki Primary School runs after-school coding and technology-based learning programs for students with identified skills and attributes in STEM and an interest in learning more about technology. These are run by Ms. Peters (Year 6 & STEM Coordinator) and Mrs. Kay (Science Specialist). The classes have been very successful and focus on:

  • Coding (Scratch, Java Script and Edware Robotics)
  • Engineering, Building and Design with a focus on Robotics

Our school has also received outstanding support from a number of technology-based companies who have provided a range of STEM-focused learning activities and demonstrations for our Years 5 – 6 students. These include;

  • Thoughtworks (a leading world-wide digital engineering and design company) providing workshops based on coding and digital technologies including MaKey MaKey
  • Altitude Imaging (UAV / Drone Services Company) focusing on the use of drones for aerial photography, aerial imaging and surveying and how they operate
  • Birds Eye Media: Use of technology in media and creation of virtual reality programs and documentaries including Antarctica and use of drones for media production
  • Aurecon: A leading design and engineering company. Their Perth Office invited 12 of our Year 6 students to learn more about their company as well as participate in a very important Design Workshop. The companies’ engineers and architects in Perth worked closely with the selected Year 6 students to gain their ideas and thoughts for the design of an actual new WA Primary School that meets the needs of students living in the 21st Century. Our students assisted in the actual design of the proposed school.

Further opportunities for students in all year levels in STEM will be implemented in our school. This includes the expansion of the Mining-based Career Investigation and Science Program for all Year 6 students from 2019.