School Times Semester 2 2020

Please find below further information about the change and trail of new school times for semester 2 at East Waikiki Primary School.

  1. Why did the School Council consider the need to change school times in semester 2 2020?

The issue of school times was raised during the school consultations during the planning for COVID19 crisis. It was discussed across two council meetings with the school community survey and the trial being the outcomes. It was thought that 2020 has been disrupted already in terms of student attendance and learning that a trial in the second part of 2020 would then not disrupt 2021.

2. What were the survey results?

OptionsNumber of ResponsesPercentage
8.30 – 2.30    No early close8647
8.40- 2.40pm    No early close3720
8.40-3.00pm    Early close Tuesday6233

The survey results from across the school community were only one factor that was considered by council.

3. What other factors were considered?

The council considered, the positive impacts on:

  1. Student learning – The change will enable a stronger focus on student learning through the critical morning sessions of Literacy and numeracy. Research shows that structured and focused learning sessions in the first part of school day enable teachers to plan for high impact teaching strategies to enable student learning.
  2. Student wellbeing – Shortening the recess and lunch breaks will enable students to have a focused play without being distracted by poor behaviour of others. The pattern for red slips at EWPS shows that most negative behaviour towards other students occur at the end of each break.
  3. Eating time at lunch would not be reduced, and eating and playtime at recess would be more planned around the eating and/or playing interests of students.
  4. The finish time for Safety Bay High School – we did not want to clash with the finish times at SBSHS so that parents had the opportunity to travel from EWPS to SBSHS to pick up siblings.
  5. The number of SBSHS students who are currently crossing the EWPS grounds at end of current school day, bothering students and parents.
  6. The cost of Day Care – The Day Care centre where the majority of students from EWPS attend was approached about costs of an additional 20 minutes for students to attend and were advised that there are were no additional costs as parents already pay in blocks of time.
  7. The current gate opening times of 8.25am and the number of students who are already on site at these times.
  8. The current alternative close time on a Tuesday caused confusion and there was a need for a uniform closing time for each day.
  9. Timing of other after school community activities including junior sports
  10. Timing of School Crossing guards and 40 km/h speed limit around school beginning in the morning at 7.30am for speed limit, 8.00am for crossing guards, and in the afternoon at 2.30pm.
  11. Current patterns of early student pick up at EWPS by parents and carers through the week to attend appointments and other activities.
  • Will there be a change in teaching time?
  • No. Direct Class contact time is maintained at 310 minutes per day or 1550 minutes per week.
  • There will be a change to length of recess and lunch times
  • Yes.Currently, the break times for students and staff are:

Recess 10.26-10.53          (27 minutes)

Lunch 12.38-1.15             (37 minutes)

We are planning:

                Recess 10.20 -10.40       (20 Minutes)

                Lunch 12.20-12.50          (30 minutes)

The rest of the time is made up from not having an Early Close day on Tuesday each week.

6. Will students have time to eat?

Yes. Eating time at lunch would not be reduced, and eating at recess would be more planned around the eating and/or playing interests of students. Students who currently take extra time to eat will continue to be supported

7. Are there other benefits for our students?

The new times will enable a number of after school activities to be planned for students in the afternoon including STEM club and Running club. The opportunity for other activities are being explored and planned.

We have also put in place a school breakfast club on Mondays and Wednesdays beginning on Monday 29th June.

8. School Communication

The main school channels of communication will continue to be

   Connect – all parents were given a login at the end of last term, but can call the school for a reset of your password. There is an app for your smartphone Connect NOW, where you can receive notifications as notices are posted.

   The new school Web site Click “What’s Happening” – “Latest News”

Facebook is only used to supplement Connect and the Web Site. The school will not comment upon posts by parents on Facebook. Questions for the school administration should be made directly to the school on

9591 6600 or via email

9. Teacher Supervision before and after school times.

Teachers will continue to supervise students before and after school as is in place currently.

10. Other Notes

The community members of the School Council are all working parents and carers of students at EWPS and SBSHS.