Performing Arts

Performing Arts Program Year 2 – Year 6

The Music Program at East Waikiki PS is interesting and ever evolving.

As the children from previous years learn more and more, the bench marks grow ever higher.

The fact that drama is covered in Years 5 and 6 – and in any 4/5 class – is also unique, and it gives the children a chance to explore this fascinating and challenging part of Performing Arts in a safe and secure environment.

The Music Room is a happy, busy place where everyone is valued, everyone is respected and everyone is expected to aim for excellence and everyone laughs a lot.

All children are required to attempt all activities and with assessment tasks the children are told what a C, a B or an A ‘looks like’ so that they can have an opportunity to work towards their goals.

The children have shown themselves remarkable astute in their awareness of their own capabilities – and are usually very correct in their choice of activity based on teacher observation.