Performing Arts

Performing Arts Program Pre Primary – Year 6

At East Waikiki in 2022 we will be lucky enough to participate in Drama, Dance & Music within Performing Arts. Drama & Dance will be majority of our focus as our students engage in purposeful structured activities which allow them to express themselves.

Over the course of year students will experiment with the 10 elements of Drama. These progress from the use of Voice and Movement in Pre Primary, through to including Role, Situation, Space, Character, Time & Relationship in Year 6. Along with this, we will include the 4 elements of Dance. Body, Energy, Space & Time. We will work on developing body awareness, coordination, control balance and strength to create sequences that express ideas and messages.

We will be exploring and understanding audience etiquette and have some external Cultural performances booked throughout the year to further consolidate our learning and allow students to view performances of other cultures.

In Term 1 we have started exploring our emotions and experimented with different movements, sounds and expressions to portray these feelings. We have learnt calming strategies such as breathing, meditation and how Yoga can calm our bodies. We listened to different types of Music and expressed our emotions through dance and how the Music made us feel. This has linked well into our PATHS program which allow students to understand that “All Emotions Are Okay” & have the correct tools to deal with them appropriately.