Positive Behaviour – “Sammy Slips”

At East Waikiki we proudly follow a behaviour reward program seeing students earn Sammy Slips for positive and acceptable behaviour. All teaching and support staff use and follow the reward system with children from Pre-Primary to Year 6. 

Sammy Slips are given whenever expected behaviours are displayed by children at any area within the school. Using an excel program developed at our school, children earn and record their own Slips, on the IWB until groups of 5 are earned. These are noted electronically, and at each 25 Slips, students achieve certificates for their next level. 

Rewards for each of the 8 checkpoints include extra play with a friend, icypole from the canteen, or for Pre-primary shoes off for a day. Students and teachers came up with these rewards and after working through 8 levels, and achieving all the rewards they earn a Bronze Medal. The process is repeated and after another 200 “Sammies” they receive a Silver then repeat for a Gold medal.

In 2017 the success of the program saw us develop another level, and we had our first student earn a Bronze trophy. We are pleased to now have trophies of Bronze, Silver and Gold for students to earn.  As certificates are earned, the progress is entered on SIS and the reward matrix continues across into the new school year.

Each year we have seen an increase in the number of students showing appropriate behaviour and earning Sammy slips, medals and trophies.