Learning at Home


On this page you will find news and information on supporting your child’s learning at home. We hope that you are all well and thank you for your cooperation through term 1. These times are challenging for families to manage.

East Waikiki Primary School is ready for your children to continue ‘Learning at Home’ in Term 2 which starts for teachers on Tuesday April 28th and for students on Wednesday 29th April.

For parents of children and young people, research shows the most effective strategies for family-led learning at home, which may vary by age group, include:

    • Believing in children’s potential
    • Reading and sharing books together
    • Talking together
    • Supporting children to develop positive relationships, including responding appropriately to negative experiences they may encounter
    • Learning together, including engagement in everyday activities such as cooking and spending time learning as a family
  • Creating a positive homework environment, that is, providing the child a dedicated space and time for the homework and ensuring parent-child interactions around homework are positive.


Please be aware that our staff are planning for a range of learning at home activities focusing on Literacy and Numeracy.

Parents should be aware that if the activities are taking longer that suggested or a student is encountering difficulties in completion please leave for another time. Have a break.

Finally remember that the holidays should be time off from school. Your child does to need to do school work during that time.



    • Most parents have been given access to Connect. You should have received a P-number to create your family login. Please notify the school of your email address if you do not have access to Connect.
    • Notify the school of your email address to give you access to Connect.
    • Your child’s teacher will check in at least once a week via a phone call or email on Connect.
    • Your child’s teacher will try their best to answer any questions within 24 hours.
    • Parents and students should only email teachers between 8:00am and 5:00pm.
  • Check in every day on Connect and use this to ask your teacher questions if you need assistance.




  • Notify the school if you do not have the internet or a device for your child to access.
  • Your child’s teacher will check in at least once a week via a phone call or an email on your phone.


  • We plan for requested student work packages to be distributed on Tuesday April 28. Information about times for times about pickup will be sent by SMS and on Facebook by Friday 24th April.
  • Information about further distribution will be sent home in week 1 term 2.
  • You will be given a time and place to pick up your families’ packs.