At East Waikiki Primary we have Science as a specialist subject area from Pre Primary to Year 6. We follow the Western Australian Curriculum and practice STEM learning in all areas of Science. All year levels take part in hands on, practical investigations learning how to question scientifically, predict outcomes using prior knowledge and use the results from investigations to reach conclusions.

Science lessons occur in the well-resourced Science Laboratory. ICT and Digital Technology are integrated into Science lessons with the regular use of iPads by using apps that demonstrate practical aspects of the subject, performing research and creating presentations that demonstrate knowledge of the various topics taught.

Popular topics in each year group include the following:

  • Year 1s -studying, then planting and looking after their own marigold.
  • Year 2s – creating iMovies using photographs supplied from home to demonstrate how they have grown and changed over time.
  • Year 3s – studying heat energy and how molecules speed up and slow down with heating and cooling. Their favourite part was making and eating ice cream.
  • Year 4s -designing and creating mandalas made out of natural materials and studied how they weathered and eroded over time.
  • Year 5s studying the Solar System and researching and creating posters about the different types of planets.
  • Year 6s – learning about reversible and irreversible changes. by making biscuits to see if something can be returned to its original state once it has been cooked.