Awards at school

The Gary Cooper Award

At the whole school assembly each December, 2 certificates are presented by Mrs Amanda Cooper.

The school was fortunate enough to have her son Brodi, and her daughter Tahnee attend our school from 1997 until 2004. During this time, Mr Gary Cooper, their Dad passed away.

Mr Cooper was a great supporter and volunteer at our school for all these years.

He used to help at sport carnivals, he would go on and school camps excursions, cook sausage sizzles and enjoyed working with all the students across the school.

The school now presents the Gary Cooper encouragement award each year to 2 children who may not be the best at sport, but show excellent sportsmanship, attitude and behaviour.

Their names are engraved on the perpetual trophy and displayed in the office for all to see.

The recipient of the award has been recognized for having a positive attitude, displaying great sportsmanship, and participating in school events with pride and enthusiasm.