Running Club results as of Term 2 – Week 10 (Tuesday)

Running club this year has been a great chance for the students to keep fit, make friends and challenge themselves. I was also great to see those students who used the opportunity to increase their stamina and endurance in order to improve in this year’s Cross Country carnival.

So far this year we have had a total of 96 different students take part with 20-30 regulars showing up on most mornings.

We look forward to beginning again after the holidays, all things going well.

A special thanks to Sandra Edwards for her support in marking of laps and encouraging all the kids on those cold mornings, it is much appreciated.

Here are some statistics for the semester.

Attended all sessions – Aaron, Ben, Seth, Charlotte, Charlie, Olivia

Best by Year

K – Summer: 24 laps (6km)

PP – Charlotte: 89 laps (19.6km)

1 –Harper: 68 laps (15km)

2 –Bayleigh: 51 laps (11.3km)

3 – Marley: 46 laps (10.2km)

4 –Charlie & Seth: 93 laps (20.5km)

5 – Chloe: 111 laps (24.4Km)

6- Aaron: 172 Laps (37.9km)

We look forward to meeting more runners in Term 3, especially in the lead up to the Interschool Cross Country, and the athletics carnival.