Restricted parent access at East Waikiki Primary School 6/5/20

Our students and community have managed the COVID restrictions very well, and we would ask parents to continue to follow the practices we have had in place and continue to restrict access to the school site.

Our students have been very independent and shown great capability in organisational skills. We want to continue to encourage an increased degree of independence displayed by students, continue strategies adopted that have lead to a significant reduction of child anxiety at the beginning of the school day and allowing teachers to keep their focus on welcoming students and getting them settled for the day.

We want you to continue to leave your children at the school gates.

If you need to walk to the classroom door, drop and leave. Allow your child to get themselves organized and enter the class independently.

Parents who enter the site must follow social distancing requirements and allow 2 square metres of space and not congregate.

Students only will be allowed into classrooms and will continue to use sanitiser on entry to the room.

If you require to talk to the class teacher continue to use email to communicate directly with class teachers outlining information or to request an appointment.

Teachers will also continue to make regular telephone contact through this term.

School assemblies will not be conducted for the remainder of term 2.

The School Gates will be opened at 8.25am each morning.

The School Gates will be closed at 8.50am and reopened at 2.55pm each day (2.25pm on Tuesdays)