Student reports for Kindergarten to Year 6 will be available next week through your Connect portal.

Every parent has been given a Connect login and when you make an account you are allocated a P-number and have to create a password of your choice.

More information on joining Connect can be found

or directly to Connect Education Department – Single Sign-On (

If you cannot remember your login details please follow the “Forgot Your Password” link on the sign in page.

The Connect Now app is available on smart devices, and Notifications and your child’s report can be viewed from the app, or by logging into a computer.

By using the Connect Now app, you get school notifications about upcoming events and school news.

You are also easily able to navigate to the “My Children” page to access each child’s report.

2021 End of Year Student Achievement Reports will be sent home over 3 days

  • K/P/1/2 year level reports will be uploaded on Wednesday December 8th by 3.00pm
  • Yr 3/4 reports will be uploaded to Connect on Thursday 9th December by 3.00pm
  • Year 5/6 repots will then be uploaded onto Connect on Friday 10th December.

Please contact the school if you need a paper copy of the report sent home. These will be sent home with your child on Friday December 10th 2021.