Principal’s Welcome to 2024

Kaya Wanjoo (hello and welcome) to all – particularly our new Kindy students, our new students in PP-6 and our new families. We have had a wonderful first week back at school and the word has definitely got around about just how fabulous we are. We have had to create an extra class (Year 2/3, Room 8) to accommodate all of the extra enrolments we are having! I would like to formally welcome Abnash Kour (Room 8), Sarah Murphy (Year 1, Room 9) and Ashleigh Hegarty (Year 1, Room 10) to the ranks of our teaching staff in 2024. They are wonderful practitioners and have taken to our school with enthusiasm, professionalism and generosity.

We have an amazing P&C and there are plenty of low-stress ways you can be involved. Please keep an eye out for some flyers explain the myths of the P&C and also, the AGM on Wednesday 14th February. It’s a great way to Your support for our P&C is greatly appreciated.

This year our staff have come back refreshed and ready go. I am just so grateful to them for the positive tone they have brought to the start of this year. Next week on Thursday, we are being visited by the Public  School Review team. They will be looking at how we are tracking and giving us ideas on how to move forward. There are a range of staff and community members involved and they will be reviewing the following areas:

  • Relationships and Partnerships
    Learning Environment
    Use of Resources
    Teaching Quality
    Student Achievement and Progress

If you have any questions about the process or would like to be involved, please pop into the office and let us know.

Enjoy the term and boordawan (I’ll see you soon),

Sam Prodonovich