Principal’s Update June 10

Kaya (hello) parents and carers,

Term 2 is travelling along at a rapid pace and it won’t long before reports are sent home. Once again, reports will be issued electronically through Connect. If you are unsure about how to access them, please contact the school.  Staff at East Waikiki have put a lot of thought, effort and moderation into your child’s report so please go through it with your child and contact your child’s teacher if you have any concerns.

We are currently accepting enrolments for Kindergarten for next year so please come into the office and we’ll help you through the process. A reminder to our current Kindy parents that you will receive notification later in the year about the roll-over process for your child for Pre Primary in 2023.

Coming up next week we have our P&C meeting on Wednesday and our School Council on Thursday. The volunteers in our P&C and School Council play an important role in generating funds for our kids and for providing feedback on school governance – ‘thank you’  to them for their continued efforts.

Over the next fortnight in LOTE (Noongar), we are focusing on the phrases:

  • Noonook moorditj. This means “you are awesome”.
  • Moorditj koorda. This means “good friend”.

If you have time, please practice these with your child as we build our knowledge of the Noongar language across the school.

Boorda djinang (see you later) and stay safe and well, Sam Prodonovich