Principal’s Update August 5th

Kaya bundung (hello everyone),

This term, we have begun our whole school literacy program which runs from 8:35a.m. – 9:25a.m. Monday to Thursday. It has been very pleasing to see the improvement in students getting to class on time and particularly the engagement by students in their learning during literacy groups.

The basic features of our phonics program is:

  • We are matching the letter (e.g. ‘b’) with its sound (e.g. bus).
  • We are blending our letter sounds (e.g. b – u – s) together to read.
  • We are segmenting the sounds in a word (cat  to  c – a – t) to spell.

It is very pleasing to see the commitment to physical education at East Waikiki. Healthy kids learn better! This term, all students are busy training for our Faction Athletics Carnival which is on Wednesday, 21st September.

Next Wednesday is our NAIDOC assembly. This will start at 12:30pm and will be followed by a sausage sizzle. Mrs Stephen and Miss Hawke have put a lot of effort into the day and we look forward to welcoming the Wadumbah Dance group and engaging in cultural activities across the day. Everyone is welcome and I look forward to seeing you on the day.

Yanga boordawan (thanks and I’ll see you soon),

Sam Prodonovich