Principal’s Update – 23.2.22


It’s been a great start to the year. Classes are settled and programs are up and running. It is so pleasing to see the high level of tailored learning for Literacy here at East Waikiki. We will be building on this later in the year through whole-school professional learning that will improve the way we teach reading and spelling. Also this term, I have been lucky enough to receive writing samples from all of our PP to Year 6 students and we have some very impressive creative writers here.

Coming up in the next few weeks we have:

  • Our first School Council Meeting for the year.
  • The interschool summer sports carnival.
  • School Photos

Car parking

There are currently a lot of parents parking on the lawn area in front of the school, between the Kiss ‘n Drive and Gibb Road. The mix of cars and kids there poses a potential risk to student safety. We will be having a look at this over the next week and have made some inquiries to the Department of Education about steps to keep our kids safe. I will keep you posted about the process but would appreciate it if you need to park your car before or after school, that you park on Gibb Road rather than the lawn area.

COVID Update

I want to begin by thanking all of our families for sticking to the rules and following the new COVID protocols – it has made things go very smoothly for us here at East Waikiki. Currently we have no active cases in our school but we have planned for when this changes. Once an active case occurs, I will work with the Department of Education COVID Response Team and the Department of Health to coordinate our response and our communication with you. We have planned for a range of scenarios and will communicate these with you as they occur.  Please contact the admin team if you have any further questions.

Stay safe and well,
Sam Prodonovich