Principal’s Update 11th May

Kaya (hello) parents and carers,

This term, the numbers of COVID positive cases for our students and staff is beginning to rise significantly. This is an issue across many schools and is creating pressures on staffing. Whilst we are managing well at East Waikiki largely thanks to our supportive and flexible staff, there will be impacts on instruction. This means that your child may: miss out on a specialist subject; have another teacher or a run of relief teachers or; move to another class for a session or a day. Whilst we will do everything we can to keep your child’s learning consistent and even, please understand that rising COVID cases may have an impact on your child’s day at East Waikiki Primary School. J

It was great to see so many family members at our ANZAC day service and our first whole school assembly. I’ve had many comments from parents and grandparents about how well our school counsellors lead these services. Well done to all of our wonderful counsellors! J

NAPLAN has now started and my thanks to Miss Brodie-Hall for her work in coordinating and delivering these assessments in such interesting circumstances. J

This week we will be having our first School Council meeting for the Term and I would like to publically express my thanks to the Council for their positive approach to school governance and to the students of East Waikiki J

Over the next fortnight in LOTE (Noongar), we are focusing on the phrases:

  • moorditj djidar (ji-da). This means good morning.
  • Moorditj karbala (gar-ba-la) This means good afternoon.

If you have time, please practice these with your child as we build our knowledge of the Noongar language across the school.

Yanga (thanks) and stay safe and well, Sam Prodonovich