When is the Colour Explosion School Fun Run? We will be hosting our Colour Explosion School Fun Run on Thursday 11/11/2021, from 1.45PM to 2.20PM. Make sure students bring a WHITE shirt to wear during the Fun Run. They will be covered in non-toxic, biodegradable colour powder from head to toe!

Is the powder safe? The non-toxic colour powder is made of high-quality corn starch and permitted food colours, so it’s safe for skin and eyes. Students with asthma are advised to be careful in their decision to participate.

How does my child fundraise? Fundraising is easy – simply follow the instructions outlined in your child’s sponsorship booklet. Your child can accept donations online by creating a cybersafe fundraising profile at myprofilepage.com.au. You can also collect cash donations with your sponsorship booklet. Please return any cash donations to the P&C box in the front office before 02/11/2021.

How do I order my child’s incentive prizes? You can order your child’s prizes online at myprofilepage.com.au between 27/10/2021 and 02/11/2021. Or, complete the back page of your sponsorship booklet when you return your cash donations. Order one prize based on the total amount of dollars raised, or mix and match smaller prizes.

Assistance on the day. The P&C may ask for volunteers to help set, up or during the event, so please do not hesitate to contact any of our members as you see us in the school grounds. We are always looking for new, enthusiastic, and like-minded Mums and Dads to join the P&C and this would be a great introduction.