NWSLTR 3 -PATHS Program.

This term we are beginning a curriculum called PATHS® (Promoting Alternative THinking Strategies).  We will have PATHS class lesson regularly and will cover a number of different areas. 

What are some of the goals of the PATHS curriculum?

  1. Increasing children’s abilities to think and solve problems for themselves
  2. Increasing children’s abilities to use their thinking skills to act responsibly and maturely
  3. Improving children’s understanding of themselves and others
  4. Improving children’s feelings about themselves (that is, improving their self-esteem)
  5. Increasing children’s abilities to learn more effectively in the classroom environment

When children can think independently, feel good about themselves and act responsibility they are more likely to be motivated to work at their potential and persist when they are experiencing difficulties.   

CRiTter of the Day

Some teachers will refer to this as the Star Student. CRiTter comes as part of our Care, Respect and Trust motto. Each child will have the opportunity to be their class CRiTter of the Day several times throughout the year.

Mandy Jones Wellbeing Leader