Nwsltr 18 – Parking at the School

Unfortunately, all schools have insufficient car bays, this has always been the case here and will continue to be the case and is beyond our control. What we as individuals do in response to this fact is in our control, as is demonstrated by the vast majority of parents and carers who do use safe practices that are respectful and minimize the risk of harm to children. We would like to thank parents who continue to bring this to our attention, so that we may remind the wider community.

Please avoid:

• Parking in areas that are not designated car parking areas causing a visibility problem for students leaving the school and putting them at risk of harm.
• Dropping students off in the middle of the road causing visibility issues and putting children in physically unsafe situations.
• Double parking in the streets. Again this causes unnecessary congestion, decreases visibility, causes unnecessary stress and most importantly, again puts our children at risk of physical harm.

I don’t think we truly have any parent who would consciously put the health of any child at risk but I do think not everyone truly appreciates the potential consequences of the actions they take.