Nwsltr 17 – COVID-19 update and School Planning.

It is important to remember that the school is still observing State Government Phase 4 guidelines for COVID 19 and as such the school will continue to prioritise student, staff and parent health and well-being as outlined by the Premier and WA Department of Health.

Thank you for your continued support of the measures we have in place to support all students as we continue to work through the COVID-19 Phases.

The school is continuing to access additional cleaning time to ensure

  • cleaning of classrooms and equipment throughout the day
  • use of hand sanitiser by staff and students throughout the day
  • limiting size of groups at school events

Parents are asked to

  • continue to maintain Social Distancing
  • limit gathering in groups and
  • limit visits on to the school site
  • remember no shared food to celebrate special occasions
  • ensure all contact information is up to date
  • continue access to the Connect link to keep informed with school information and news updates.