Nwsltr 16 – CLASS REQUESTS 2021

We are about to begin the process of drafting classes for next year, 2021. The opportunity is available for parents to make requests in this area and I am happy to consider requests provided they meet the following criteria:

• The request to be made in an email directly to me.
• Requests can be made in respect to social issues e.g. these children do not get on well or there is conflict between families, if it is possible to separate them next year
• Requests can be made in respect to family issues e.g. twins needing to be together or separated, cousins not in the samE room etc.

Please do not assume we will remember any request you have made in previous years. If there are factors, we need to be aware of please send in a letter.

All written requests should be submitted to the office or via email eastwaikiki.ps@education.wa.edu.au  by Monday 2 November.