The East Waikiki P and C has decided after a number of months of discussion and negotiation to withdraw from the supply of uniforms to the school community after many years of fantastic service.

Subsequently the school has entered a contractual arrangement and are currently transitioning to with Lowes in Rockingham City for the supply of our uniforms. We expect that uniforms will be available at Lowes, from the beginning of term 2, 2021, subject to the arrival of stock.  Some uniforms, are also still available from the P&C while stock remains.  The P and C will continue to supply the printed faction T shirts

The P and C will still hold some stock until it runs out and.

This arrangement will provide the following benefits.

  • Uniforms will be Available to purchase in your Local Lowes retail store(Rockingham)
  • Uniforms available 7 days
  • Online ordering will be available
  • Annual commission paid to the school
  • No school space required
  • No school money tied up in stock
  • No volunteers or school staff required to run uniform shop
  • Lowes Reward card
  • Membership is free
  • Earn 5% Reward
  • Rewards Vouchers sent twice a year
  • Redeem Vouchers at Any Lowes Store
  • Special offers emailed  you
  • Zero Card Available -Benefits attached

Four 20% discount days a year