Interm Swimming Lessons

Pre-Primary to Year 6 students will be commencing their In-term swimming lessons on Monday 25th October 2021 and finishing on Friday 5th November 2020, a total of 10 days.  All children will travel by bus to the Rockingham Aquatic Centre, Council Ave, Rockingham.

The total cost of the bus transport and pool entry will be $ 44.00 per child.  

 PAYMENT OPTIONS – PLEASE check the permission slip for important payment information

The swimming lessons are paid for by the Education Department.                                  

Spectators will be charged $2.00 for entry to the pool.                                                       

Swimming is part of our Physical Education Program and it is hoped that all children attend.  In light of the fact that many people drown in Australia each year, it is important for our children to be competent swimmers.

Various classroom teachers will accompany the children to, from and at the pools.

Clothing – Children will require bathers and towel (clearly marked with their name) and if they wear bathers to school, underwear will be required for after swimming.  A plastic bag for wet bathers and towel is a must. Students will change into their swim gear before leaving school and will get dressed back in school uniform at the pool. Students must wear correct footwear, ideally closed shoes or sandals.

As part of the school’s behaviour management program, any student who misbehaves at the pool and attracts 3 strikes will not be allowed to continue their swimming program. The list below shows times when students will be going to the pool. Please note that some lessons cross over our normal lunchtime, however the canteen will still be able to cater for students that have ordered their lunch, but will be eating it at a slightly different time.

Should there be any changes to the timetable, notes will be sent home with as much notice as possible to inform parents and carers of the change.

 RoomsYearsOn the bus  Lesson Start TimeLesson finish timeReturn to school
17, 11, 1, 6,6, 3/4 , P, 29.059.2010.0010.25
2  20, 15, 5, 96, 3, P, 29.5010.0510.4511.05
21, 14, 8, 105, 3, 1, 210.3510.5011.3011.55
22, 12, 7, 165, 3, 1, 411.4512.0012.401.05

More information about Education Department Interm Swimming lessons can be found here : Interm Swimming – Department of Education

Information about creating a QKR account can be found by downloading the app on android or iphone :

Cash can be added to the payment envelope and posted in the office collection boxes.