The Smith Family support

East Waikiki Primary School has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with The Smith Family. The Smith Family is currently growing into new communities and commenced operations in Rockingham in Term 1 2018.  They identified East Waikiki PS as their first partner school in Rockingham.  The Smith Family utilises a place-based model and partners with schools to deliver programs including their core Scholarship program.  A Scholarship offers twice yearly payments to families for educational costs and support from a Family Partnership Coordinator.

The Smith Family will be able to offer the following support programs to our school in 2020:

  • Learning for Life: This program will initially offer 25 of our students and their Primary-aged siblings financial support in the form of a scholarship to help pay the cost of education such as uniform costs, shoes, text books and excursions. This will be in the form of two payments per year of $450.00. The students will also have access to our Smith Family Coordinator Trasey Head who links the children and their families to learning and support opportunities within our local community.
  • Learning Clubs: Later this year, the school will be offered the opportunity of running Learning Clubs. These clubs support students from Years 4 – 6 in Literacy and STEM. Trained volunteer tutors would potentially run these clubs on Tuesday to Thursday and possibly based at the Child and Parent Centre or the school. 
  • Student to Student: This is an after-school peer reading program. Older students are trained to listen to younger students read over the telephone three times per week. The Smith Family will organise Secondary students to be the peer readers and then support / assist identified students / families to set up and maintain this program.
  • Passport to Success Program: Once a week for six weeks (usually Term 4), trained facilitators, working with our class teachers, two hours per week and Safety Bay and Rockingham Senior High Schools, assist our Year 6 students with a special transition program. 

East Waikiki Primary School appreciates the ongoing support and assistance of The Smith Family and looks forward to continuing our successful partnership to assist and develop our students.