School Chaplaincy

In 2017, East Waikiki Primary School was pleased to be given the opportunity of having a School Chaplain appointed. At East Waikiki Primary School, leadership, support and loyalty are highly valued and encouraged. The School Chaplain plays important link in providing pastoral care, support and advice to all students and staff. They play a pivotal role in the day-to-day management and overall well-being of our school. Our School Chaplain is an effective and professional communicator who works closely with the School Administration Leadership Team to ensure that the role and responsibilities of the School Chaplain is successfully carried out. 

YouthCARE is the organisation that provided our School Chaplain. Our chaplain’s key role is in working in the school community to address the social, emotional, physical, mental and spiritual needs of students, staff and their families. Our Chaplain works within the school as a caring support member of the staffing team as well as part of a professional student services team by:

  • Building relationships with students, staff and families
  • Offering pastoral care
  • Being a mentor
  • Providing additional practical help for teaching and administrative staff
  • Offering input into spiritual and “meaning of life” questions
  • Being a positive role model
  • Providing a link between schools, other professional services and local communities

Responsibilities include:

  • Provide pastoral care to students, staff and parents.
  • Work with school staff to provide input into the Values component of the school curriculum. Assist school psychologist and staff in the delivery of student welfare services through targeted programs.
  • Be a support person in grief, family breakdown and other crisis situations for staff, students and parents
  • Participate in classroom activities at the invitation of the teacher.
  • Be available to guide staff and students in matters of Christian faith and practice.
  • Assist and encourage students in their exploration of spiritual matters.
  • Be available to work with students at risk, providing a person to listen, help them to establish networks, support groups, educational programs and other appropriate activities.
  • To liaise with staff and administration on student concerns / issues and provide support and advice when required.
  • To liaise with parents and caregivers to assist in providing on-going support and assistance with student welfare.
  • Available to be involved in school programs such as Year 6 Camp / Big Week Out, Year 6 Graduation Ceremony and Formal Dinner, Student Leadership Training Camps, student excursions and incursions.
  • Liaise between local youth groups and school staff regarding church-based programs.
  • Liaise between community groups and City of Rockingham regarding programs suitable for students enrolled at East Waikiki Primary School (that meet our purpose / ethos).
  • To listen without judgement or condemnation. 
  • Work with student services team to assist students.
  • To act as a Mentor for designated students at risk
  • Work closely with the staff of our Child and Parent Centre

In 2022 the Chaplain is available for students on Monday and Tuesdays. A referral form for Chaplaincy Services is available here.