Play Group

From playgroup to Kindergarten for children starting Kindergarten in 2019 – Download a copy and find out more…

The Early Childhood Educators from the Child and Parent Centre. East Waikiki look forward to welcoming you and your child/children to our weekly term playgroups. We are committed to supporting families and children to reach their optimum potential  ( LAC 2016) 

What is a playgroup?

A playgroup is a group of parents, caregivers and extended family who meet together with their children for interaction, socialisation, and support and shared learning through play.

What are the benefits of playgroup for children and families?

  • At playgroup families can learn new fun ideas for play time at home, make new friends and share their experiences in a relaxed environment.
  • Children can have new experiences and opportunities to play, socialise and discover their world. Playgroup activities may involve craft, art, story/music time, indoor / outdoor play and morning tea
  • Through the play taught at playgroups children acquire the long life skills (e.g. pack away toys, wash hands, clean up after yourselves and etc.). 
  • Research shows that child relationships and experiences in the years leading up to when they start school, lays the foundation for all future learning, development and function.

What are the benefits of playgroup for school communities?

  • Playgroups connected with a school provide an opportunity for your family to build a sense of belonging, identity, social inclusion, and commitment to the school prior to your children formally starting at the school.
  • Attending playgroup at a school allows parents and children to become familiar with the school prior to transition to formal schooling. (Playgroup to Kindergarten in Term 4)
  • According the Australian Early Development Census (AEDC) children who attended playgroups during early childhood have significant better development when they start school, since they already are familiar with routine and engage in regular play. 
  • Playgroup is a place where school specialists, such as Child Health Nurse/School Nurse, Speech Therapist, Teachers, School staff can meet and have a chat with families. It can help to develop strong links with families and children (0-4 years) and promote a positive “transition to school”.