Information for parents regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Schools are acting on the advice of the WA Department of Health to take the necessary precautions for students and staff.

All Western Australian public schools are being supported by the Department of Education to implement a plan in relation to COVID-19.

School Closures

  • If there was to be a confirmed COVID-19 case at a school, the decision to close a school is based on the expert advice from the WA Health Department’s Chief Health Officer.
  • The Chief Health Officer will, if there has been a positive COVID-19 test result in a school, close the school temporarily while assessment and tracing of exposure is conducted. A thorough school clean will then be carried out to make the school safe for the return of students and staff.
  • In this situation, all families will be immediately contacted by the school and provided with the relevant information


There have been numerous announcements in regards to travel restrictions. Please the latest advice here.

  • Parents/carers must notify their school that their child will be absent from school for the isolation period and confirm the date of arrival into Australia.
  • Students do not require a medical certificate or clearance to return to school but must remain at home for 14 days.

Student Well Being

Given the extensive media coverage, some children are already aware of the impact of the virus and will pick up on the concerns and anxiety of others. This could be through listening and observing what is happening online, at home and school.

The Learning at home website provides advice and resources for parents and carers, educators and students. This includes a wide range of resources and information related to the impact of COVID-19 on students’ health and wellbeing and the impact on families. It also includes vital information for schools to understand how they can best support students and families to access services and information.  The website will continue to be updated over the coming weeks. Please visit the information on Support for parents and carers

Discussing the situation with your child –

Parents are advised that, if they need urgent mental health advice and support for themselves or their child, there is a 24 hour crisis support line 1800 048 636.

Tips for Coping with Coronavirus Anxiety

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