The canteen is open from 8.25 am every morning and closes at 1.15 pm after lunch.

Completed lunch orders are picked up by a classroom monitor in baskets provided, from the canteen 5 minutes before the lunchtime bell.

Recess snacks are available.

Icy poles can only be purchased at lunch times.

Our school canteen reinforces nutrition messages being taught in the classroom by modeling healthier food and drink choices that are tasty, interesting and affordable.

This has the potential to influence food choices by students at school and in the wider community, and help to equip students with the knowledge to continue to make healthy choices throughout their adult lives.

The role of the school canteen is to provide a food service to students and staff that meets their nutritional needs, promotes healthy food, is part of a whole school approach, and is affordable and financially sustainable.

Our diverse canteen menu is consistent and with the policy and standards for healthy food and drink choices and meets the requirements of the WA Government’s policy and standards for healthy food and drink choices..

East Waikiki Primary School canteen will support healthy eating by:

  • Having available every day and promoting a wide range of the foods that should make up the majority of a healthy diet (GREEN)
  • Having available only sometimes, choosing healthier alternatives and avoiding large serving sizes of foods that should be eaten in moderation (AMBER)
  • Not making available foods that do not meet specified minimum nutrient criteria (RED)

Note – Savory commercial products in the AMBER group will be limited to those that meet the criteria for registration and will be available no more than twice a week.

As parent helpers help to run the canteen, students are reminded to be polite and line up in an orderly fashion at all times.