Nwsltr – COVID – 19 UPDATE

Please be aware that COVID-19 is still a reality for all, and will be a part of our lives well into 2021.

The school is still observing State government guidelines for COVID-19.

These are challenging times and we have to maintain all Government requirements for adults to maintain social distancing protocols particularly around our gates.  This is not a time to ignore this both when they drop students off and pick them up from school.

If parents and students are waiting for the gates to open, we ask that they use the social distancing spots outside each gate.  If you haven’t got a spot stand further back. 

We are still encouraging parents to use the ‘kiss and drop’ zone and not enter the school grounds.

Parents are asked to continue Social Distancing and limit visits onto the school site.

The school continues accessing additional cleaning time to ensure
cleaning of classrooms and equipment throughout the day.
use of hand sanitizer by staff and students through out the day.