Student Prefects

Selection Process

Formal student leadership plays a major role at East Waikiki Primary School. Our school uses a formal process of selecting the school’s Year 6 Student prefects who comprise our Student Council for the following year. Each student’s contribution to the school over their tenure at EWPS will also be taken into consideration. 

The formal process involves the following steps:

  • Formal presentation to all Year 5 students by the Principal and Year 6 Teaching Staff of the role and responsibilities of the East Waikiki PS Student Council, what is required of students to assess their suitability for, and nomination for Student Council and the selection process 
  • In early Term 4, students wishing to nominate for Student Council are to complete a Nomination Form and prepare a formal presentation about their suitability for the role of Student Prefect and the skills and attributes they have for this role
  • Students who have formally nominated will present a formal speech to their peers and answer any questions from students and staff about the Student Council and how they would demonstrate their suitability. Formal nominations and formal speeches will be prepared by the students at school. Nominees will also be scored / rated on their suitability as Student Prefects based on:
  1. Academic standing and performance including work ethic and personal time management
  2. Verbal and written communication skills
  3. Behaviour and maturity
  4. Consistency of wearing full school uniform 
  5. Attendance and punctuality
  6. Leadership qualities and skills
  • Once all speeches have been undertaken, a formal voting process will take place. Voting will be undertaken by all Year 5 students, Year 5 teachers and support staff, specialist teachers and the Administration Leadership Team. Voting will be completed using prepared ballot papers and the Preferential Voting System will be used. Once the six students with the highest number of votes have been decided, selection of the two Head Prefects will be undertaken from the six students voted as Student Prefects.

The composition of our Student Council is:

  • Head Prefects (2 positions) 
  • Student Councillors (4 positions)

Training Program

Our Student Prefects are provided with a variety of training programs and opportunities throughout each year.

Once elected, all Student Prefects attend a two day Perth-based Camp where they have the opportunity to:

  • Develop their leadership, communication, time management and conflict resolution skills
  • Develop and implement a personal Leadership Action Plan 
  • Develop a whole-school Student Prefect Operational Plan that outlines how the students will support and represent their peers as well as provide a range of social and sporting opportunities and activities for them
  • Visit leading companies to interview key personnel to learn about their leadership roles and responsibilities and use these as a basis for their own Leadership Action Plans
  • Spend valuable time together as a team to develop positive working relationships with each other

In 2018, the Student Prefects stayed at the Quality Resort Sorrento Beach in Hillarys in two, 3 bedroom apartments. They visited Pilbara Minerals to learn more about company leadership, goal setting and the exploration and mining of lithium, dined at the fabulous Duxton Hotel for a formal lunch and toured the hotel to learn more about the Hospitality industry and how their management and staff work closely with their customers to provide the best customer service and lines of communication. They were also guests of Lycopodium Limited where they learned about the career pathways in engineering and design and interviewed key management and staff to learn more about their leadership roles and responsibilities and how these skills and attributes can be transferred to their particular functions as Student Leaders.

In addition, our Student Prefects have the amazing opportunity of being the guests at Saracen Minerals Thunderbox Gold Mining Operations approximately 40 kilometres south of Leinster in the Eastern Goldfields in 2018. The students fly to Thunderbox via Skippers Aviation and are provided accommodation and all meals at Thunderbox Accommodation Village. They are also outfitted in brand-new company hi-vis shirts, steel-capped boots, safety glasses and gloves which are theirs to keep once the visit has concluded. The students undertake a full induction and then learn about the operations of the mine including exploration and drilling, mining and processing, transport and rehabilitation. The students, under strict supervision and following mine safety requirements tour the mining operations, visit the processing plant, witness a gold pour and undertake activities with the mine’s health, safety and rescue team. The students are made to feel extremely welcome and are part of the mine staff during their stay. The students also interview key management and personnel and enjoy fantastic hospitality. This is a magnificent experience for our student prefects and is fully paid for by Saracen Minerals. Follow-up work is undertaken by the school with its Student Prefects.