School Leadership

 Student Prefect Expectations

A Student Prefect at East Waikiki Primary School is required to have the following attributes:

  • Display positive leadership skills and attributes
  • Have a consistent record of the best possible behaviour and manners throughout their tenure at East Waikiki PS
  • Has a commitment to learn and always does their very best academically
  • Has an excellent and consistent attendance record and is always punctual to classes and school events / activities
  • Has the respect of their peers
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Confidence when speaking in public on formal and informal occasions 
  • Is willing to work diligently to represent their peers
  • Is willing to learn new skills and attributes
  • Is willing to give up their personal time at school to undertake their duties as a Student Prefect
  • Always be well groomed and always wear the East Waikiki School Uniform
  • Always is tolerant and respectful of the views and beliefs of other students

Roles and Responsibilities of a Student Prefect in 2018

Our Student Leaders will:

  • practice and develop essential leadership, cooperation, team building and life skills
  • draft and developing a range of short, medium and long-term personal goals and create a Personal Action Plan on how to achieve and assess these goals
  • participate in student-based learning activities as part of their role and responsibilities as School Leaders at East Waikiki PS
  • develop and improve their relationship with other students in their respective class and classes
  • play a precise role in student-based planning and programs in conjunction with our staff, the East Waikiki School Council and East Waikiki PS P & C
  • develop a positive respect and concern for others and their rights
  • further improve / develop their public speaking / oral language skills
  • improve their time management knowledge and skills
  • encourage, develop and improve their decision making and leadership skills 
  • develop their personal confidence and self-esteem through participation in a variety of planned social and educational activities and experiences not available in a typical classroom setting.
  • Represent their school at formal and informal events on and off-site during and out of school hours
  • Assist with setting up and running of our fortnightly School Assemblies
  • Organise Duty Roster Bags
  • Raise and lower School Bags
  • Provide information and feedback regarding student issues to Administration, staff and the School Council
  • Organise and coordinate fund-raising activities and events
  • Organise and coordinate school-based activities and events for their peers
  • Assist in the training of new Student Prefects for the following year

All planned activities / training is designed to ensure that it does not distract from their normal learning program in the classroom. Our Student Prefects are required to keep up to date with all of their classroom assignments and work schedules, achieve their highest possible grades across all learning areas and constantly display positive behaviour and manners.