Travelling to School

Driving and parking near school

According to the Office of Road Safety, road trauma is the leading cause of death and the second most frequent cause of hospitalisation for children aged between 0 and 14.

Children’s vulnerability as road users is centred on their cognitive and perceptual development which is not fully developed until young adulthood.

Children are vulnerable road users because they:

  • Are small and can not see over parked cars
  • Driver’s can not see them properly
  • Are energetic and have trouble stopping at corners
  • Have difficulty telling where sounds are coming from and may expect traffic to come from the wrong direction.
  • Have trouble judging the speed of cars reliably
  • Tend to focus on what is in front of them
  • May behave differently when they are out with other children, forgetting about traffic
  • May freeze if they find themselves in the path of a car,rather than jumping out of the way.

Rockingham is a growing City, parking restrictions are required to control traffic flow and allow easy and accessible parking.

The City of Rockingham actively promotes safe and legal parking through enforcement and education programs.

Appropriate signs throughout the City clearly indicate parking restrictions, including time limitations, which must be obeyed. Please remember to park with the flow of traffic i.e. not facing the opposite way. Breaches of parking restrictions are monitored and enforced by Ranger Services and parking officers and can attract on-the-spot fines.

Download a copy of the Rockingham school parking safety leaflet.