School Council

East Waikiki Primary School has an active and diligent School Council. The duties of the East Waikiki School Council are to:

  • Establish and review the schools objectives, priorities and policy directions.
  • Planning of financial arrangements to fund these objectives, priorities and directions.
  • Evaluating the schools performance in achieving them.
  • Formulating codes of conduct for students in the school.
  • Promote the school in the community.
  • Approve financial items relevant for the students of our school.
Meetings are held twice a term after school in the School Library from 3:30pm – 4:30pm and are child friendly. Any interest is welcome and please feel free to enquire about parent positions on the school council.

Chair: Tanya Sander

P & C Representative: To Be Announced

Community Representative: To be Announced

Parent Representatives: Rob Willmott, Renae Powell, Melanie Size, Shinemol Madhu

Staff Representatives: Serena Brodie-Hall, Jenny Hill, Brendon Abel, Annelise Taylor, Tabitha Darlington

Principal: Peter Glendenning

Next School Council Meeting: Thursday 30 July 2020

Parents and Carers are welcome and encouraged to attend School Council meetings.