Our Purpose

At East Waikiki our purpose is to provide a quality education in a caring and enjoyable environment that caters in an equitable manner for the social, emotional and educational needs of all our students. At East Waikiki all students, staff and parents share the following rights at school:

  1. The right to be safe
  2. The right to learn and teach
  3. The right to have their property free of damage
  4. The right to be treated with courtesy
  5. Our Beliefs about teaching and Learning

At East Waikiki Primary School we follow a consistent whole school approach to system and school priorities. We set specific targets for student achievement as the focus of classroom teaching and learning and staff development. Our staff are professionals who understand that instruction has many facets. They strive to ensure all aspects of their planning underpin our Core Beliefs. At East Waikiki we believe children learn best when:

  1. Learning is connected to prior knowledge & skills they have developed
  2. All learning styles & differences are respected & catered for.
  3. Learning experiences are engaging, varied & purposeful.
  4. They experience opportunities for both independent & collaborative learning.
  5. They are challenged & stimulated
  6. Their strengths are developed, their weaknesses improved & they achieve success.
  7. They reflect on their learning & set goals.
  8. They feel valued, safe & respected.
  9. Positive relationships exist between students, carers, community & school staff.
  10. Everyone is treated fairly & have a shared understanding of expectations & boundaries.

Community Relationships

East Waikiki Primary recognises the importance of developing partnerships with the students, staff and school community. We perceive our relationship with parents and care givers as being part of a team supporting our mission and core beliefs. Parent involvement is welcomed. This is encouraged by requesting:

  • Help with the implementation of a range of programs.
  • Participation in the school decision making process through the P&C and School Council.
  • Support for the ongoing development of school resources.

Socio-Economic and Cultural Demographics

East Waikiki PS has students from a diverse range of cultures and countries including India, Zimbabwe, Vietnam, South Africa, Ireland, New Zealand and Nepal. The majority of our students are from an English speaking background. A large percentage of students come from homes with low socio-economic background, many single parent families and a high level of transience. Indigenous students enrolled at EWPS currently total 8% of the school population.