Key Staff

Administrative staff

Principal: Luke Clatworthy
Deputy Principal: Serena Brodie Hall
Deputy Principal: Jenny Hill
Manager Corporate Services:  Mandy Martin
School Officer: Jacqui Bowlin

Specialist staff

Librarian: Pam Todd
Information Computer technology: Shauna Tromp and Kirsty Hanley
Music/Performing Arts: Sue Hicks

Performing Arts program at East Waikiki Primary School is dynamic and constantly evolving.

It provides all children with the musical and drama knowledge that is part of the curriculum, but it also gives ample opportunity for those that are specially

interested or gifted to explore their talents and to progress at their own rate.

Physical Education: Grant Pilling

East Waikiki provides opportunities for students to participate and compete in a wide array of sporting activities organised by our Physical Education specialist teacher.

In 2012 students competed in such sports as football, soccer, hockey, netball, tee ball, softball, swimming, athletics and cross country running.

At East Waikiki Primary School, we are focused on providing a comprehensive sporting environment that gives students necessary exercise and enhances both gross and fine motor skills.

All students from Pre-Primary to Year 7 are taught by our specialist Phys Ed teacher for at least one 50 minute lesson each week.

Lessons for junior school students focus closely on fundamental movement skills (throwing, catching, climbing, balancing, hopping and body

Languages other than English (LOTE): Manjeet Ahluwahlia
Languages Other Than English (Indonesian)
Children in Year 3-7 have one, 50 minute session of Indonesian language instruction per week with a specialist LOTE teacher.
The program focus is on an appreciation and acceptance of a different culture as well as an ability to communicate effectively in a language other than English.